Aluminum Folder Set  v.1.0

Aluminum Folder Set is a small icon collection to use for your system drives, will give a fresh new look to your system drives. The set contains 19 well crafted icons, at a high pixel rate (512x512),

Aluminum Alloy  v.1.7

Aluminum Alloy is a ShapeShifter custom theme that will change the entire graphical user interface to look like aluminum with steel nut bolts.


Profiles  v.10.0.0227

Software solution for Windows and Doors manufacturers. Design, drawing, calculation and optimization of constructions from aluminum, PVC and timber profiles.

AS Mechanical  v.1 30

AS Mechanical is a parametric 3D hardware library for AutoCAD(2008 and prior), which includes a complete range of hardware items from nuts and bolts to steel and aluminum beams/sections/angles to sprockets and keys and everything in between.

AutoQuoterX  v.

AutoQuoterX™ is the industry leading AutoCAD® plug-in for design, and quoting of 80/20 T-slotted aluminum framing. Packed full of new features and products AutoQuoterX™ is the most efficient way to design your next project!

MightyMonitor Bluetooth Battery Monitor  v.3.1

MightyMonitor is a dashboard widget for Leopard and Snow Leopard that shows you the battery status of Apple Bluetooth wireless devices, including the Magic Mouse, Magic Trackpad, and brushed aluminum wireless keyboard.

CutLogic 2D  v.3.51

CutLogic 2D is cutting optimization software, the best way how to save your material, work and time when you need to cut any rectangular (panels, sheets, boards, panes, plates, slabs) material such as wood, glass, steel, plastics, fabric and others.

FACET  v.1 5

The Field Audio Collection Evaluation Tool (FACET) is a point-based, open-source software tool that ranks audio field collections based on preservation condition, including the level of deterioration they exhibit and the degree of risk they carry.

Engineering Power Tools - Plus Edition  v.2.0.4

As you could guess from its name, Engineering Power Tools is an engineers' oriented application. Two version of the software are available: STANDARD EDITION and PLUS EDITION. Here, we will be covering the PLUS edition.

MassPlus  v.4.0

MassPlus is an engineering software application which calculates the area properties of any two-dimensional AutoCAD geometry. One common application is for analyzing steel section properties.

QuickMasonry  v.3.0.0002

A stand alone tool of masonry components to manage multiple structural components within a single project file.

ART ToolShop  v.1 6

ART ToolShop is a Windows based software package that allows the user to import multiple parts as two dimensional CAD drawings and is able to perform the following functions: - Automatic cleanup to repair minor errors in the drawings such as open co

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